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14 TikToks From Sarah's Secret Archive

Sarah has searched far & wide for the best TikToks to grace your screens. Here are 14 TikToks from Sarah's Secret Archive you and your grandmas are sure to enjoy. xx

1. Drinking french fries like wine is a game changer, GAME CHANGER!

2. Would it be more awkward if she actually got in?

3. Nurses prove once again they are the heroes we NEED

4. You know that dentist read all the Twilight books

5. Didn't realize what I was watching that until I was watching it

6. We love a good Hannah Montana college montage

7. "You know what they say about men with big boats, they got a lot of money"

8. I'd be crying too Shaun, but maybe for different reasons

9. He may smell nice but at least you have all the popcorn!

10. Souja Boy's undead spirit is being channeled through this car

11. Wait for it, no really wait for it

12. We hope you learn that part in 'Savage' Connor, we really do

13. Smash Mouth would be ecstatic just to be included

14. Last but not least, enjoy this Gem of Eugene from The Try Guys doing a amazing impersonation of go-getter chief Claire from BA's Test Kitchen

Check back here for more ridiculous content and check out all your favorite episodes in the 'Podcast' section! Season 3 + All New YouTube show Out Now!

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