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15 Tik Toks to Send to Your Friends While in Quarantine

Updated: May 30, 2020

We all need a laugh especially nowadays. Here are 15 Tik Toks to send to your friends, family, and especially to your grandmas. Enjoy xx

1. Boredom may be a disease....

2. Relationships are being tested

3. Gotta check on those neighbors

4. "If men know we can shapeshift they will tell the church!"

5. Themed dinners anyone?

6. I only feel supported from random homeless men who tell me I look like "a Queen and smell like a banana split." Apparently so does she

7. Pay rent people, or this will happen

8. Cats are feeling the quarantine the hardest

9. I did this to Binky day 2 no joke

10. We all know this girl or even better we have been this girl

11. Healthcare workers are heroes and sometimes heroes feel like this

12. Gouda is the only name for a cow hooves down

13. They just *pretended* they didn't see the stripper pole

14. It's fun to make up new dances with friends

15. Last but not least; How to look normal on a Zoom call

Check back here for more ridiculous content and check out all your favorite episodes in the 'Podcast' section!

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